extra charge

some situations got charged extra in our quotation:
  1. movers staircase carry, elevator not accessible 
  2. additional drop off or pickup.
  3. long distance (e.g. tuas area.)
  4. furniture dismantling & assembling services
  5. carton boxes packing & unpacking services
services we provide no extra charge:
  1. NO GST
  2. NO ERP charging
  3. NO parking cost
  4. NO extra charge for late night ,early morning ,weekend, public holiday..ect.
  5. one person allowed to sit along with driver
  6. plastic wrapping,
  7. boxes providing.
some occasions got charged extra on the spot:
  1. additional items moving which wasn't stated in our correspodences.
  2. staircase carry involved,  but wasn't covered in our quotation (hidden info),
  3. furnitures or boxes which actual  weight , measurement, size ,complicating extent was not as expected as normal, probably because customer didn't describe clearly or didn't give a correct dimension.
  4. due to not puntuality of customer, movers have to wait for more than half an hour, even would impact next  assignments .